Happy Pickler
Contact: Betsy Warner
Address: 2800 Euclid Avenue #150 Cleveland, OH, 44115
Email Address:
Phone: 216-374-2995
About Us
Happy Pickler is excited to share our love of traditional, lacto-fermented foods with the Countryside community. We are committed to helping Northeast Ohio thrive - by providing delicious probiotic foods, supporting local farmers, honoring our employees, and offering workshops in the community to spread the love and good health. Our inventory changes with the seasons and the availability of farm-fresh produce. Our products are made using as much content from local farmers as feasible - at last count about 80% of our produce was from Ohio farms, and our farmers care for the land as much as we do. We use the slow, old-fashioned method of raw fermentation to create the highest, healthiest nutrient content possible. We want to ensure your gut health, metabolism, and taste buds are happy and healthy. We're sure you and your gut will be glad to know us!
All of our products are raw, traditionally lacto-fermented. This means we use a saltwater brine to preserve the food, and allow the "good" bacteria to thrive. There is no heat process to make them shelf stable, and they must be kept in the refrigerator. It is recommended they be consumed within 3 months of purchase.