Tilth Soil
Contact: Tilth Soil is a Worker-Owned Cooperative
Address: 2701 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH, 44114
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Phone: 216-800-4651
About Us
Tilth Soil is the product arm of the food waste hauling service, Rust Belt Riders. Titlh Soil creates living soils to empower first-time gardeners to professional farmers with the very best mediums possible to ensure the success of their plants. Our line of soils all start with compost made in accordance with the National Organic Program and from food waste collected across Northeast Ohio. The compost we make is free of weeds, seeds, and pathogens is screened and then mixed with only organic amendments into specific formulations designed for specific applications. From seed starting and soil blocking to raised beds and houseplants, our blends provide a diversity of soil biology that your plants need to not only live but thrive.
We compost food waste in accordance with the National Organic Program at our Ohio EPA Licensed Class II Composting facility in Independence, Ohio. Our compost is then blended with only organic amendments sourced thoughtfully from best-in-class producers and vendors to optimize for a small supply chain. Our products have been approved for use in organic farming operations from OEFFA, PCO, and MOSA.