Simon Certified Organic Family Farm
Contact: Amy Simon
Address: 1044 Battlesburg Street SW East Sparta, OH, 44626
Email Address:
Phone: 330-484-2996
About Us
We have been Certified Organic for 13 years. OEFFA is our certifier. In 2014, we completed the USDA Grass-fed requirements to make the claim our Beef are exclusively grass fed. The final certification we are in pursuit of is the Biodynamic Demeter Certification. This is considerably more challenging for a diversified farm like ours. Our Certified Organic diversification includes Certified Organic Black Angus Beef, Cow Calf operation and finishing animals at 18 months. We offer Certified Organic Herd Sharing of our Brown Swiss and Jersey's. The dairy bull calves in 6-8 months become our Certified Organic Meadow Veal. In season, we have Certified Organic poultry including meat chickens, turkeys, and stew hens. We have Certified Organic Eggs year round. Our Certified Organic Goats are Nigerian Dwarf, which includes Nannies and kids and finishing Chevon. We grow Certified Organic Vegetable for our CSA and Seeds for contract for seed companies across the US and cultivate eight different grains for both animal and human consumption. We also produce Medicinal Grade Herbs for Homeopathy Companies in the US. Some of the above products are only available at the farm.