Tea Hills Farms
Contact: Cara Tipton
Address: 268 Twp Rd 2450 Loudonville, OH, 44842
Email Address:
Phone: 419-685-1689
About Us
Tea Hills is a family run farm with an on site processing facility. All of our animals enjoy a life grazing our lush organic pastures, drinking fresh spring water, and breathing clean air. We allow our animals to mature slowly on pasture without feeding any growth stimulants, chemicals, or antibiotics. We have built a reputation for the highest quality, finest tasting, heritage, and grass fed meats in the state of Ohio. Our gourmet chicken patties, meatballs and sausages are made from all natural, antibiotic free, local chicken, local produce, local cheese, and organic Frontier seasonings. We handcraft all varieties of our delicious chicken products in our on site, family run, federally inspected processing facility.