SMYRNA Mediterranean Morsels
Contact: Huri Mutlu
Address: 1541 Winslow Dr Hudson, OH, 44236
Email Address:
Phone: 330-401-6363
About Us
We offer ready to eat foods from Mediterranean Cuisines like Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, Balkans, Italian, French and similar.
We have a quite extended and dynamic menu that includes many options for Vegans / Vegetarians / Gluten-Free diets.

Our most popular items are:
- Dips and Spreads (Hummus varieties, Baba Ganoush, Red Pepper spread, Tzatziki),
- Salads (Tabouleh, Bean Salad),
- Soups (Lentil, Mushroom, Chicken),
- Stuffed Veggies (Grape Leaves, Cabbage Rolls, Roasted Peppers) and other Rice dishes,
- Savory Pastries (Pies with Spinach & Feta, Meat & Onion),
- Sweet Pastries (Baklava with Walnut, Pistachio, Custard, Orange Cake) and Cookies
and similar foods.

We make all of our foods from scratch before the market day and in the morning before the market.