Bereka Coffee
Address: 3860 N Glen Ridge Road Akron, OH, 44319
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Phone: 216-395-4011
About Us
Bereka Coffee is a SPECIALTY COFFEE AND TEA COMPANY that was established in 2016 out of the love and desire we have to share authentic Ethiopian Coffee Culture and original coffee and tea experiences with our community. Our green beans come from Ethiopia; the birthplace of coffee, and are roasted fresh in Akron Ohio. We use Ethiopian ancient coffee roasting and processing methods to preserve the quality of our coffee.


The word "Bereka" means "Blessing" in Amharic; a native language of Ethiopia.

Our vision is to provide roast to order organic coffee and share an excellent social connection opportunity through a coffee culture known as "The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony". Growing up in Ethiopia, these experiences were installed in us as expression of hospitality and friendship. We are honored to share these values and contribute to the beauty of cultural diversity in our community.