Martha's Farm
Contact: Peter Gaffney
Address: 1422 County Road 1008 , OH, 44805
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Phone: 419-281-3048
About Us
We are a synthesis of old and new. The old time tested ethnic traditional ways I learned in my country of Ecuador with some modern Technology and understanding of integrated holistic thinking. Ethnic Traditional Farming is similar to Biodynamic farming, based on practical ancient wisdom, our farming practices are based on naturally occurring biological processes. It is a farming system that sustains the health of the soil, the ecosystem, and the people. Our Bio-intensive farming method helps us to maximize crop yields from a minimum area of land while seeking to preserve and improve the quality of the soil. Our vegetable and fruit production is grown on two and a half cares in permanent raised beds, with a large quantity of organic matter that enriches the living soil, the deep soil cultivation is done by using biological tillage (we use earthworms, they play an important role in our healthy soil structure) a broad fork to aerate the soil and two inches careful cultivation without turning it but just adding organic material to feed the soil. This spring 2019 we begin cultivating two more acres of land using the same ancients methods. We are very grateful for having our land to care and being part of this great miracle of food.