Pickle Patch Acres
Contact: Sarah Kapitan
Address: 5074 West Streetsboro Richfield, OH, 44286
Email Address:
Phone: 216-509-9310
About Us
We are a small family business operated out of our hobby farm in Richfield, Ohio. We use natural and sustainable methods to grow many fruits, veggies and herbs because we believe that the best food is simple and natural. All of our products are made with homegrown produce or sourced from local farmers. Our goal is to make jam that tastes like fruit, not just sugar. We use pure cane sugar or honey from our own hives, but only to enhance flavors. Fruit will always be our #1 ingredient! We offer over 30 unique flavors, like Elderberry with Honey, Blueberry Lavender and Peach Rosemary as well as spicy ones like Strawberry Jalapeño! Check us out at Pickle Patch Acres! You can see the going’s on around the farm as well as links for our website!