Curly Tail Organic Farm
Contact: Ed and Beth Snavely
Address: P. O. Box 60 Fredericktown, OH, 43019
Email Address:
Phone: 740-507-3632
About Us
Our farm crops are Certified Organic and have been since 1989. Our pigs’ food is made exclusively from our own Certified Organic crops. We grind their food right here on our farm. We do add a vitamin, mineral, probiotic mix from the Fertrell Company. This mix contains No medicines or antibiotics. Our pigs are born right here on our farm from our own sows. Our pigs are never given shots, antibiotics, or medication of any kind. We cannot call or label our pork as Organic, because our meat processor is not Certified Organic. Our pigs are not out on pasture, but they do have have plenty of room and access to sunshine.